Monday, January 28, 2008

Torso workshop

Yesterday (Sunday January 27th) I attended Jeff Burke's one-day anatomy workshop on the torso. We were there from 10am to 5pm with one hour for lunch. Jeff explained the torso in great detail (using his own body as an example along with his full sized skeleton, "Mort").
I am planning on more sessions at Hipbone so I can practice what I learned. The workshop was a bargain at $65 and I plan to take the next one that is scheduled for the back of the torso on February 24. I have to laugh a little to myself because I used to drive past the old Hipbone Studio with some sort of odd aversion to going in. My art friend "K-Van" encouraged me to check out the new Hipbone Studio. It is everything she said it was; an atmosphere that is serious and inspiring.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Abandoned painting

High hopes for translating one of my photos into a painting today... Scrapped! I spent several hours on it and it seemed to be going somewhere but then ..I just couldn't get it together. I did do a successful study of something else. I want to save it to upload here after I submit to the Gallery. I was very happy with it is just one of those days where it seems like two steps forward and one step back (a net gain of one step).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Value Study

I reviewed some of my photographs of the Pittock Mansion. The upcoming show is not a "strictly plein air" event and we are permitted to paint from photos. We can submit five entries and I plan on putting in both plein air and studio paintings. I selected several photographs that I considered the strongest. I have plenty of paintings from last summer when the weather was perfect but, what about a scene in the rain? Tonight I did a quick watercolor value study for this idea. The architecture in this study is wobbly.. but I was satisfied that I achieved some feeling of precipitation. Tomorrow I will have another look at this to determine if it is a direction I want to go. I'll either do some more studies or abandon it. I have three finished paintings and a couple of weeks to work on two more. I also have to finalize the "winter project" that will show in March in Mult. Village.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blue Sky excursion

Friday I visited the NEW Blue Sky Gallery. What an improvement over the old one! Another beautiful new gallery next door to the Blue Sky, Charles Hartman Fine Art, is showing Aaron Siskind. Exquisite work..beautifully displayed (perfectly) on big white walls. Siskind is renowned for his photographs of peeling paint. I loved it. It also made me want to frame everything from now on in WHITE.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Life drawing

The name of my blog is "Celeste Paints", but my first love is drawing. Recently I have been going to Hipbone Studio (1847 E. Burnside, #104) for life drawing. I try to go once a week and I feel I am missing out on something if I skip a week. I'll be taking the "torso" workshop (with Jeff Burke) in the near future.

Basement studio clean-up

I spent a few hours today cleaning up my studio. Most of the time I paint outdoors. I have a very nice spot, as a matter of fact, right outside this basement studio on the patio. (I know what you are thinking...good thing, since this looks like a bunker!) Well, honestly, I am very happy here when it is not in disarray. If the weather is bad this is where I work. The mirror is set up because I'll be doing some self portraits soon.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Like-minded friends

Our painting group meets twice a week for breakfast at a restaurant in Multnomah Village. The discussions often center around what projects we as individuals are currently working on. Our newest project, however, is a collaborative one meant to encourage us to do something this winter as a group. Nine artists have signed up do to the "Winter Still Life Project". All nine of us were asked to bring one object to a meeting on November 11th. The object could be no more than 18”. The nine objects were put into one box (for transporting from one artist to another). We drew lots for the sequence of who would have the box in turn. Each artist has the box for one week, arranges a still life from the objects in the box and does a painting based on their own composition of the objects. The rules require that at least 6 of the nine objects must be used. We are not allowed to see anyone else’s painting until they are all unveiled in our show! I have already had my turn with the traveling box....I found painting from it a big challenge. I can't wait to see everyone else's version of the collective objects (but, I'll have to, won't I)? More about all this later.

The Pittock Mansion, "Shadow and Light"

I am preparing for the “Shadow and Light” exhibit of paintings about the Portland’s Pittock Mansion. The organizers of the exhibit are interested in seeing paintings of the interior of the Mansion as well as the exterior. We are not allowed to paint inside the mansion “in real time” (of course), but I am looking forward to working both from photos and directly from life for this show. My painting group enjoyed several outings at the Pittock a couple of months ago. The deadline is February 15, 2008. George Broderick is the juror.
Pittock Mansion Call to Artists


In December I was one of 30 artists showing 30 original pieces of art (each!) at Om Tradition Arts. Yes, 900 pieces of art in one room. The show was hung salon-style and curated by Flora S. Bowley. I wasn't able to go to the show because I was under the weather, but during the opening I got a phone call from my friend Kimberly Kent who told me "you won't believe this, there are people lined up around the block to get in!" I am sorry I missed that, but I was very pleased to be a part of the "Thirty" exhibit. Most of the thirty 7 x 7 panels I submitted were sold. What a good night for me and all the participating artists!