Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Value Study

I reviewed some of my photographs of the Pittock Mansion. The upcoming show is not a "strictly plein air" event and we are permitted to paint from photos. We can submit five entries and I plan on putting in both plein air and studio paintings. I selected several photographs that I considered the strongest. I have plenty of paintings from last summer when the weather was perfect but, what about a scene in the rain? Tonight I did a quick watercolor value study for this idea. The architecture in this study is wobbly.. but I was satisfied that I achieved some feeling of precipitation. Tomorrow I will have another look at this to determine if it is a direction I want to go. I'll either do some more studies or abandon it. I have three finished paintings and a couple of weeks to work on two more. I also have to finalize the "winter project" that will show in March in Mult. Village.

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