Thursday, January 3, 2008

Like-minded friends

Our painting group meets twice a week for breakfast at a restaurant in Multnomah Village. The discussions often center around what projects we as individuals are currently working on. Our newest project, however, is a collaborative one meant to encourage us to do something this winter as a group. Nine artists have signed up do to the "Winter Still Life Project". All nine of us were asked to bring one object to a meeting on November 11th. The object could be no more than 18”. The nine objects were put into one box (for transporting from one artist to another). We drew lots for the sequence of who would have the box in turn. Each artist has the box for one week, arranges a still life from the objects in the box and does a painting based on their own composition of the objects. The rules require that at least 6 of the nine objects must be used. We are not allowed to see anyone else’s painting until they are all unveiled in our show! I have already had my turn with the traveling box....I found painting from it a big challenge. I can't wait to see everyone else's version of the collective objects (but, I'll have to, won't I)? More about all this later.

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