Sunday, February 17, 2008

Artist Reception Invitation

The Portland Plein Air Painter's winter project, "Nine Takes" has been one of the most interesting projects I've been involved in. Carolyn Rondthaler proposed the idea as a way to paint as a group during the winter. It was a welcome change to be involved in something different that did not require us to go out into the inclimate weather.
Nine of us met with Carolyn and brought an object with us to the meeting (it could be no larger than 18"). All the objects were placed into a box. Each artist individually and in turn composed a still life from the collection of objects. The artist then painted their composition, packed up the box and gave it to the next artist on the list. None of the artists have seen the other artist's work. Under the rules we were allowed to use 6 of the nine objects. We could also add a "new" object too. We'll be seeing what we each accomplished on February 29 when we hang the show at O'Connor's. On Saturday, March 1 from 3-5 pm, we will have our "unveiling" and host our reception. Please come and help us celebrate "Nine Takes".

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