Monday, February 25, 2008

Big art day

I took my "Nine Takes" painting to "I've Been Framed" this morning to see if they can do a simple frame for it (on a rush basis). Then, while I was there I decided it needed a major change. They said they would make the frame and that I can add the hardware on Thursday. I took the painting back with me so that I could make that big change. Now I don't know if it is going to fly or not. You know, you can really lose objectivity about these things sometimes. I've had this project for months, so there is no excuse. Well, at the end of the day I also painted THIS floral still life. I know why still life painters have a penchant for delft is fool-proof pretty! This is acrylic on 8 x 10 canvas panel. It was a big art day. Time for pizza.

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