Sunday, February 17, 2008

Intake day at Broderick Gallery

On Friday, February 15 I got to help George Broderick and Lucy McLean (of Pittock Mansion) with submissions for the Pittock Mansion "Shadow and Light" exhibit. Lucy told me that she will contact the artists to tell them if they have any paintings that did not make it into this juried show. I submitted five paintings. Three of my paintings were of people (Henry Pittock and Georgiana Pittock), one was of "The Georgiana Trail" and one was an interior scene (the chair scene that I posted earlier). The exhibit will open on March 6, 2008 (with a First Thursday reception) and will be installed in both locations. I don't know how we will find out where our accepted submissions wind up, but I suspect that the larger pieces will be downtown in the gallery and smaller pieces might be at the Pittock. I was impressed with the caliber of work that was turned in and I got to see several of my painter friends and their work. Lucy said that a promotional card is being printed and that the artists will be able to pick them up either at Broderick or at the Mansion next week.

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