Monday, February 11, 2008

Young Henry Pittock

Today I am working on a landscape that I am submitting into the Pittock show. Friday is coming up upon me fast! I spent three hours on the landscape today and it is nearly finished. I also did this oil painting of a young Henry Pittock. It is 10" x 10" on stretched canvas. The prospectus says that paintings may include people. I like how Mr. Pittock looked when he was young, he looked a little like Val Kilmer. Later in his life Mr. Pittock had a white Van Dyke beard. I learned that the Van Dyke, also called the Van Dyck (after the 17th century painter Sir Anthony Van Dyck) is a goatee and a mustache. I guess because he was such an important man he felt he needed to follow the fashion of the day but, it is too bad he covered up that beautiful cleft chin.

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