Friday, February 29, 2008

Nine Takes Installation

Today we met at O'Connor's to hang our Nine paintings that were done from our collaborative/collective group of objects. Honestly, this show has never been that easy to explain. It is a little convoluted.

(Nine of us met last November to plan this project. We were asked to bring one object for inclusion into a still life. All of our objects were placed into a box and the box was then given to the first artist. The artist independently composed and painted a still life from the objects. After the artist painted their version, they packed up the box and gave it to the next artist on the list. Each artist had one week to compose and paint their painting and then pass the box of objects to the next artist on the list. None of the artists have seen the other artist's work. Under the rules we were allowed to use 6 of the nine objects. We could also add a "new" object too. We'll be seeing what we each accomplished for the first time at the show at O'Connor's).

On Saturday, March 1 from 3-5 pm we will host our reception. If you can come I would love to see you there!

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