Thursday, February 21, 2008

The dependable gold frame

Today I worked on a painting that is due next week (for our "Nine Takes" exhibit). I had trouble with what I was trying to accomplish and I put it aside. I didn't want to end my time in the studio today on a sour note so I started a new pears and grapes still life. It is acrylic on 11 x 14 canvas panel.

I saw a problem when I was done. The major grape cluster wound up in a uniform vee shape. I can fix it pretty easily by adding a few new grapes tomorrow.
I wanted to get a preview of how the painting would look when it is completely done so I put my pear and grapes still life in a gold frame (that I bought last year at Utrecht).

Even with the problem vee shape, the painting looks improved in this gold frame. I learned last year that a gold frame is often pleasing for a specific reason. The gold picks up whatever colors already exist in the room. If, for example, there is a red rug in the room, the red of the rug will be reflected in the gold of the frame and your painting will look and feel integrated with the entire room. I used to think gold frames were stodgy, but I have changed my mind since I learned about why gold can be effective. I don't use gold frames exclusively, but I do like them.

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