Friday, March 28, 2008

After I got home from my digital workshop today I made a batch of canvas panels for my upcoming trip to Santa Cruz. This has been explained in a number of books, most notably Kevin MacPherson's book Landscape painting Inside and Out. It is very simple to do. The supplies needed are: masonite panels, pre-primed canvas (I've cut approximate sheets off a big roll), regular glue, something to spread the glue with, a brayer and some weights (books work well). 1. Smear the glue to the edges of the panel. 2. Turn the glued side over onto the back side of the primed canvas. 3. Turn the panel over again and use the brayer to secure the canvas to the masonite. 4. Put the panel underneath a couple of heavy big books. After 24 hours trim the excess canvas away with an exacto knife. I did about 25 panels today in assorted sizes, mostly 9 x 12. I prefer the panels that I make to the ones found in art supply stores because the canvas is a better quality.

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Jill Jeffers Goodell said...

Great idea. I've been using small canvas boards I picked up at I've been framed. Is it easier to do it yourself. I pay about $1.50 for my panels.

Hope they work on your trip.