Friday, March 7, 2008

Kitty Wallis at Tualatin Wildlife Refuge

On Friday we went to Kitty's house for a look at a dvd called "The Impressionists". Kitty also talked to us about the project she is proposing for our plein air group. The name of the project is "Spring Expressionist Plein Air". We all went to the Tualatin Wildlife Refuge and she painted a demonstration for us illustrating how to paint distance and atmosphere. For the upcoming project she is recommending that we work larger than we have in the past. The whole idea is to step outside of our comfort zone and some of that will involve scale. After Kitty's demonstration I painted a painting, but it was very so-so. Not everything winds up frame-worthy...that's for sure. Kitty will be providing a talk and another demonstration about our group's new project on March 22 (Saturday). Time to be announced. If you have an interest in joining us please send an email:

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