Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kitty Wallis' value assignment

1. Choose around 12 colors (with no black or white) that you will use. Don't choose your black and white photo until after you have laid out your chosen pastels or paints. Lay out an assortment of light, mid and dark values colors.

2. Choose a black and white photograph to work from. Here is mine, a wilting flower in a window with some lace curtains.

3. Optional step: Do a black and white value study of the photo. I see (now) that I saw the window light as much brighter than it was in the photo. Drat!

4. Do your best to match colors to values (from the palette you laid out, without mixing!) Do this without regard for what the objects are. I did pretty well, although I see now that my flower is not a light enough value. The flower was a very light object (and an important thing) I should have reserved the yellow for it and possibly used a darker yellow for the light in the window.

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