Monday, March 10, 2008

The Messenger

(This is a painting that was accepted into Riversea Gallery's Imprints of Memory show. Acrylic on canvas panel 11 x 14)
The Messenger relates to a childhood experience. On a beautiful afternoon a stranger came to our front door to inform our family that a close relative had been gravely injured on the job. My life changed forever in those few moments. Describing The Messenger in paint was oddly comforting. The stranger told us something on an otherwise perfect day that seemed inscrutable, but by exposing his harsh cruelty, I confront unfeeling as he was then, toe to toe.


Bill Sharp said...

Celeste, Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. This is an interesting painting and it's so nice to hear the story behind it. Congratulations on your acceptance in the show.

Celeste Bergin said...

Bill, thanks so much! I haven't yet added the links of fellow painters here but I will soon and if you agree I'll be including you. I really enjoyed revisiting Eric's workshop demonstration on your blog. So nicely done..with important details like his brush recommendation (I'd forgotten that). it was like being there again.

Bill Sharp said...

It would be great if you added me to your links.