Sunday, March 2, 2008

Winter Sunshine

We had our reception for "Nine Takes" yesterday. It is always so invigorating to see my family and friends turn up for these things. I never know for sure if I adequately express my appreciation to them. We artists work hard to create work and when people show up to acknowledge the work... it is heartening!

I painted three or four paintings for this event (despite the fact that there would be only one in the show). I couldn't "land" on a theme. In the end I was  pleased with the direction I took (literally and figuratively) because I remembered that "Less is More". I thought about the words "winter project" and in my interpretation I tried to convey the idea of winter. One of the objects that we could employ was a stick of eucalyptus. When I put it into the large vase without anything else it looked stark, like the landscape looks in winter. The streaming effect of the bright sun was a good design element to contrast with the plain still life items. I have been working diligently on painting realistically, but this graphic expression of the still life pieces (that we were required to use) came across as hopeful. Winter always turns to spring and good things will come.


Eileen said...

I really like this painting, Celeste. I think of winter in a home near the beach for some reason. And I see what you mean about less is more. There's so much depth to the painting, but there really isn't a lot going on.

Forgive me if I don't express myself well because I have never made it past stick figures myself.

Celeste Bergin said...

Thanks, Eileen..I am so glad that you have the same impression that I do, that sometimes it is best to let simple line do the talking. It is great to have such good commentary from an appreciator of art!