Friday, April 25, 2008

Running into other artists at the White House

Today at the Gorge White House in Hood River I ran into a painting group. I have been a plein air painter for about 4 years now, so I am aware of this phenomenon where passersby "state the obvious". (ie:"Are you an artist? Are you painting a painting?") Alas...what did I say as I approached a nice looking guy situated next to his french easel? "Watercolor!" I exclaimed. Yes, in retrospect I am certain he actually knew that he was using watercolor. Well, after this amazing fact was established, he explained that he paints in a group every Friday. He pointed out the leader of the group (Susan Spears) and I took her photo and told her I'd write about meeting her in my blog. If she was irked that I interrupted her, she did not let on. I would like our group to meet up with her group sometime. Steve told me that they paint every Friday without fail.

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