Monday, May 5, 2008

Artist2Artist at the Columbia Art Gallery

On Sunday I went to the Artist2Artist, a Professional Development fair at the Columbia Art Gallery. The keynote speaker was Dr. Robert Maurer. He spoke to us about "Kaizen" (the principles of which are found in Tao Te Ching's "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"). Dr. Maurer, is a psychologist on the staff at the UCLA medical school and has written this book. I am thinking about getting it..What great points he made! After Dr. Maurer's speech I went to my breakout session with Melinda Hannigan. She offered a lot of practical advise for becoming focused on a career in the arts. I was impressed with both presentations and glad I made the trip to Hood River to take them in. I intend to put much of what I learned into action. As a great bonus I also got to see the Columbia Art Gallery show featuring Cathleen Rehfeld, Eric Jacobsen and Judith Cunningham.

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