Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eric Jacobsen Workshop at Maryhill Museum

I took some Saturday workshops from Eric Jacobsen last year during the summer. When I heard he would do it again this year I gladly signed up. This time we meet at Maryhill Museum. A bit of a drive, but worth it! He begins next to his car in the parking lot by showing us his favorite instruction books and supports (masonite, raymar and gatorboard).
Then he tosses a few of his gorgeous paintings out onto the parking lot to illustrate the look we are after. We are to shoot for big shapes, color and temperature... and not a lot of detail. Yes! that is what he said last year!
He does a demonstration for us.. complaining mildly that the day is a challenge to paint. It is kind of gray.
Male peacocks are milling around not 2 feet away from to us trying desperately to get the attention of the female peacocks ...the peahens don't notice at all .....but we do....... Sort of hard to miss.

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