Sunday, May 11, 2008

View from Maryhill

During the workshop Eric said .."try not to do a good painting..just respond to what you see". Darn..I think I tried to do a good painting. I came close, but those far away hills are too dark. My simple shapes are good, but I didn't do the best job with temperature either. I have learned that when workshop paintings aren't pleasing (which is often the case)... that it is a good thing! He/she tells/shows us how to do something and we sometimes just don't quite manage it. We keep looking at it and thinking about where we went wrong and later (sometimes much later) things sink in. It's the displeasure that is a good thing forces us to work on our weak areas! Hooray for displeasure.
As I write this it is Mother's Day. My Mother and I went to Maryhill Museum together many years ago. I don't remember the peacocks then. Were they there then? I do remember she loved the place. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven, Mom.


Bill Sharp said...

I wanted to come to this but just couldn't bring myself to drive longer than the workshop would be.

I like this painting.

Celeste Bergin said...

thanks, Bill! Maybe you'll come to his workshop on June 7&8?