Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Annual Group Show will be at Kingstad Gallery!

Michael Orwick and I made an exhibit proposal presentation to Kingstad Gallery. The meeting went GREAT and now we have a "home" for our 4th annual group show! This is exactly what we hoped for.. The Kingstad is spacious, well lit and "sharp."

Here is what has been established thus far:

1. This show will be our 4th annual group show (exclusive to the Portland Plein Air Painters)
2. The show dates will be from Sept 1 to November 29. Three months!
3. Plein air AND studio from plein air will be allowed
4. Large paintings will be welcomed
5. Paintings can be from anywhere (not just regional/Oregon)
6. Working title is: " Expressions, en Plein Air*"
7. There will be three receptions!
8. There will be an entry fee (but it will be reasonable)
9. There will be a full color promotional card
10. One of the show jurors is Lora Fisher and there may be other
jurors invited.

Lots more information to come as it all develops!

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