Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today at the Iris Garden

I hauled my tote bag full of oil painting supplies into Schreiner's Iris garden only to discover that I left my brushes in Portland. Kimberly had quite a few brushes with her (how organized!). She loaned me one. Yes, painters generally need some sort of implements to apply the paint. Eric Jacobsen told me that he often completes an entire painting with one brush, so that knowledge held me in good stead.
I sat on a stool close to a "typical" bunch of purple Iris during our paint out. This is a 10x10 canvas. It seems a good design and I'll have a hard look at it to see if I want to do something like it next time I go to Schreiner's (next week). I am working on our "expressionist" project and this is an effort to say more ....with less.

1 comment:

Rich Brimer said...

Very nice. I like the composition of cropping the tops of their heads off. You do good flowers! (smile)