Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big painting complete!

The last thing MacPherson tells us is to put in the smaller details..and to put in some more lights. In my opinion MacPherson's advice made the process organized and clear. His absolute final bit of advice is to "put it on and leave it alone". I agree..all is lost if we fuss. A fresh look is maintained when the paint is put down with authority. I think I did everything MacPherson told me to do in the order that he told me to do it in. His simple rules worked for a large studio piece as well as for plein air. Hoorah! My big painting is finished! (36 x 36 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas)
Once again:
1. Put in the lightest light
2. Put in the darkest dark
3. Paint with the "easiest" (most obvious) color in the scene
4. Make sure the shadow pattern is clear
5. Put in smaller details and more lights
6. Put it on and leave it alone!

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