Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Thursday

It was an exceptional art day today. It began with our regular plein air group breakfast meeting. We put up some new art at O'Connor's. I took in the large painting that I completed just yesterday. The new show that we put up ( "eight") will be on display until July 7. After our meeting I attended "structured critiques" at Kitty Wallis' house. I am having trouble with two paintings and I got confirmation about what I need to do to try to salvage them. At the end of the day I went to Pam Flanders' show at Urban Wineworks. What a great place! Each monthly showcased artist paints a cask lid and it becomes part of the permanent display. I ran into Quin and Kathy there from my plein air group. Later I also went to Broderick's Gallery. He is having a show of two abstract painters. George showed me a fantastic painting of his own in his "back room", explaining that "all women are like flowers"...I see more flames than flowers, but the Broderick passion and southern hemisphere influence is reliably apparent. He sold it, so it won't be there long.

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