Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Icons & Iconoclasts Gala Reception at the Kingstad Gallery

On the evening of June 24th the Kingstad Gallery in Beaverton welcomed artists, collectors, guests and friends, to the Icons and Iconoclasts Reception. Visitors sampled gourmet hors d'oeuvres while enjoying the art and "traditional African drumming" (provided by fellow exhibitor Stuart Ellis). Distinguished guests included George Broderick of Broderick Gallery. Lora R Fisher curated and installed all the art and she is also one of the exhibitors. I am grateful to my friend, Michael Orwick who encouraged me to submit to the Kingstad. I got to see him as well as many of the Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters at the reception. Thanks for coming! If you missed this reception, I believe the Gallery hosts another one "last Tuesday".

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B Boylan said...

You Go Girl!
It was nice to see the gang there, and your work is truly admired by all!