Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Painting a big painting...Part I!

Today is the day I have selected to paint a 36 x 36 painting. I have a color photo that I am using for reference, but I am changing practically everything about it. I am going to make my scene a hilltop and move the house way over near the center. I'll retain the predominant dark shadows. I'll be following Kevin MacPherson's advice from his first book "Fill your Oil Paintings with Light and Color". I'm using acrylic. Kitty Wallis always tells us that painting bigger is no big deal! "Use bigger brushes and more paint", she says. Ok! Will do! I have my MacPherson advice in the form a single sheet photocopied from the book. I generally have this with me in my outdoor paint kit. I will follow what he says to the letter. In the end I will determine if his advice is just as good for a project like this as it is for plein air painting. I am painting outside because the light seems perfect and I have a lot of room on this patio. Why be inside...when you can be outside? I use vine charcoal and rough out my scene.

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