Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jack's birthday

Today I invited Jack VanNess to Kennedy School for lunch to celebrate his birthday. Jack is a "charter" member of the Portland Plein Air Painters. I met him for the first time (in 2004) at Commonwealth Park. I enjoyed talking with Jack today about his growing up in Portland. He has had a lot of fascinating jobs. Once, many years ago, he sold magazines door-to-door. He said sales were disappointing! He stays very busy these days with his carpentry/home improvement business. He finds it a challenge to make time time to paint...(but I can tell you when he does.. the results are worth the wait). He is a student of the methods of Henry Hensche. He and other Hensche devotees can discuss painted blocks endlessly (given any opportunity to do so). Those of us who have never done the blocks view those who have as sort of a cult. It's a "good" cult, however. Happy Birthday, Jack...!

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