Saturday, July 12, 2008

My solitary airbrush piece

I found this ancient piece of mine today in my flat file. When I was a graphic designer I worked with illustrators. One of them taught a class in airbrush at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Actually, it is so long ago that they might have called in "the Museum Art School" back then. Cutting the meticulous masks for this was a tedious process. I think I love this piece, though. It reminds me how patient I used to be. Also, it makes me recall the wonderful illustrator who was the teacher of the class. His name was Dave Davis. He was young, but he was a Portland-Illustrating-Airbrushing-legend. He passed away the year following our class. I still have all my airbrush equipment, but I can't imagine doing this type of work again. I never did another airbrush after this one. Airbrush just wasn't for me....but I did give it a college effort. I think I'll keep this out of the drawer for awhile.. if for no other reason to remember the talented Dave Davis. He was here ....and then he wasn't.


FTPinLWS said...

I have a Dave Davis piece of art titled "KIM-OS SUPER COMBO", which he made for his would-have-been wife Kim Roadruck and depicts her favorite pie. Kim was also an extremely gifted graphic artist in Portland.

Celeste Bergin said...

FTP! I remember Dave Davis so well! I think about him a lot. What a loss...when we lost him. thanks for writing! I think I remember Kim's name. Dave was one of the most gifted artists I've ever met.