Saturday, August 2, 2008

How I spent my day....

I needed to pick up paintings today ...(Paintings that had been in July shows). I had to swing by and see Cyrus Smith (to pick up paintings that had been at Worksound Gallery). I found him working on his new project..he explained that "PLAY" is the theme. He was making faux books and heaping them onto a "bookshelf". He told me that he will also be painting titles on the books. I just love stuff like this! (The books are for a show is at Igloo gallery in the Everett St. Lofts. The opening will be First Thursday from 6-9pm).

After my visit with Cyrus I tried to go to Broderick Gallery and pick up two of my paintings from there. I never made it because of the throng of people on Front Avenue. I gave up and got back on the Morrison Bridge. I found out later I had stumbled upon the Red Bull Flugtag. Wow! 60,000 people at waterfront park. OH WELL, I will pick my paintings up on Tuesday instead.

When I got home I started on a new painting...using the back yard as my studio. I started so late in the day there was dappled light on my I got out my Utrecht umbrellas. It is handy to have more than one! A recent painting that I did in the back yard was successful. It was a dark haired women with a green background. So, I have started something similar.....maybe this isn't such a good idea. I don't know yet. It's blocked in..I will have to leave it until tomorrow.. I'll get up in the morning see if I can make it "fly".

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