Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was interested to learn that figure painter Crawfurd Adamson often paints using his charcoal and pastel drawings as reference. I thought I would try that for myself today and I selected a drawing from a stack that I did last year. I did this oil painting (from my drawing reference) on a 6 x 12 canvas panel. I am pretty happy with with the exercise..happy enough that I will do it again in the future. I tried to give it a Scott Burdick background!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ira Glass on good taste, deadlines and tenacity

Yes...let's stay with it...let's have deadlines..let's close the gap between our vision and our results ....Lets do it with lots and lots of work! Ira Glass...thanks for the advice..I like it! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The winter portrait project

Our art group is doing a portrait project. Each twosome was assigned randomly, by a drawing. As a pair we have to come up with portraits of one another. I am lucky I got who I got..she has an interesting face...she seems a good subject. I feel a bit sorry for HER, however..she is stuck with me. She and I have to find time to get together and do sittings for one another. We are allowed to use photography if we want, but inasmuchas we are an alla prima group I am thinking I will probably want to do a portrait of her from life.
As part of the project we also have to do our our own self portrait..(in addition to the partner portrait). Today I finally cleaned up my studio and set up a self portrait station. I got my newsprint paper and vine charcoal out to draw a practice version of me. I was wearing my Walgreens readers. I usually wear contacts and I also had nice glasses, but I lost them so now I just wear whatever is at hand without concern for if the frames flatter me (these don't!). Well..... this seems an improvement over the last self portrait painting that I did. The best part was listening to the rain while I worked on this. Next time I will set up some strong directional light.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Acquisition II, a painting by Eric Jacobsen

Yesterday I went to Eric Jacobsen's studio sale. He had lots of beautiful new work, both framed and unframed. I bought a small landscape and as I was leaving I saw this crow painting! Now I have it "on consignment" to see how I like it in the house. I love this painting! Eric is known for his gorgeous vistas and air-y landscapes. This is a departure. Jacobsen is hands-down my favorite regional oil painter. I got to take 5 or 6 single day workshops with him over the course of one year and my painting skills improved ten-fold because of it. (If you are an oil painter and paint plein air..I highly recommend his workshops). We painters don't often become collectors..there is only so much wall space. On the other hand... there is simply is nothing like an expertly painted painting (by Eric Jacobsen)!

From Eric’s webpage: “Eric Jacobsen was born and raised in New England. He received a BA in History from Gordon College in Wenham, MA in 1989 and studied fine art at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, CT from 1991-1995. At the Academy he received training in the Beaux Arts tradition of drawing and painting from life. His true inspiration is the amazing beauty that he sees in nature. Jacobsen is a “Plein Air” painter. He takes his oils wherever he goes, setting up on site, working until his painting is finished. Eric shows his work nation wide and has won several awards including the “Yankee Magazine Robb Sagendorph Memorial Award” from the Copley Society in Boston, MA and was honored as one of the “Top 16 Emerging Artists” of 2001 by Arts & Antiques Magazine. In 2004 Eric won an “Award of Merit” at the Oil Painters of America NW Regional Exhibition and in 2005 he was awarded again by the OPA the “Utrecht Award of Excellence”. In 2007 he was featured in the September edition of American Art Collector and also the August edition of Southwest Art Magazine. Eric currently resides with his wife and three children in Glenwood, WA where he paints and teaches workshops.”
Eric Jacobsen in his Glenwood, WA Studio

My new acquisition, a Crawfurd Adamson painting

George Broderick, Quin Sweetman and Crawfurd Adamson

A year ago I watched a demonstration by Crawfurd Adamson in Broderick's upstairs painting studio (at his old gallery location on 1st and Yamhill). It was a session with a model and Crawfurd painted her quickly, establishing beautiful color notes. Now a year later Broderick has moved his gallery to Lake Oswego and Crawfurd's demonstration painting was going to make the move too...except George Broderick and Crawford Adamson asked me if I would like to give the painting a home! I accept! It is a wonderful gift and I have a perfect wall picked out for it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A discussion with Master Figurative artist, Crawfurd Adamson

Pulling together, by Crawfurd Adamson

Last night I went to the opening of Broderick's new Gallery in Lake Oswego. It was very easy to find, right off of 1-5 and the parking was right out front. I got to talk to Crawfurd Adamson about his new work. Someone asked how he got the concept for two of his new paintings..paintings of people in small boats.

He said, "When you look at these people you realize how they are pulling, if they were doing this in real life, it would result in going in circles". "This is what we humans often engage in...a great deal of energy expended..... without any gain from so much work". His boat paintings describe the futility of it all...and yet they are also infused with a hopeful sense of unity.

Crawfurd also told me that many artists have loads of talent, but no discipline. "Discipline is what it takes", he said, "to be a successful artist".
Broderick Gallery

Monday, September 8, 2008

ribbons.....more ribbons

Yesterday I was the juror for the Oregon Society of Artist's Fall Show. A television crew was there and did an interview with me about what jurors look for. (I hope someone will let us know how we can see it). OSA Member Carrie Holst and John Reece (President of OSA) were also interviewed. The show was full of rich, interesting work. It was not easy to select the ribbon winners from so many good choices. Here is something I wrote up about how to look at a painting ..("through the eyes of the juror"). I have been on both sides of this...and I know that sometimes people don't understand what the juror was thinking. I told the assembled artists at the awards ceremony that entering competitions is good for the artist, but to remember that one painting that doesn't get into one show... can win a prize in another..!
click to enlarge:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Recognition at the Pacific Northwest Plein Air show in Hood River

I had heard that I won a ribbon in the Hood River show, but when I walked in to the Artist Reception on Friday evening THIS is the scene that greeted me! I won an Honorable Mention ribbon (for my painting "Dusk") and all five of my paintings were SOLD. Four of my paintings were sold to Sponsors who had made purchase awards and those paintings were also awarded purchase ribbons.

Recognition is a true driving force of all people! We want to feel as if our work makes a difference and we like to be appreciated for what we do. We want to feel significant. Artists who dare to put their work into juried shows work like stevedores all in the hopes of recognition and sales. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. As time goes on a painter comes to fully understand the ups and downs of painting. This was my night and I am sincerely grateful for this gift to my artist's spirit.

I saw an exquisite billboard the other day that read: "Nola Ochs, world's oldest college graduate, age 95" It had a wonderful photo of a triumphant old woman with a mortarboard on her head and a diploma in her hand. It also read simply: "Live Life, Pass it On". Not only did that billboard make me proud for a moment that advertising had been my former profession (mass communication can be as good as it can be bad)...I was also in full agreement with the concept.

Thanks to the Columbia Arts Center for having the show and for recognizing me! It is a beautiful show of plein air. I hope you can go out to see it!

Columbia Art Gallery
located inside the Columbia Art Center
215 Cascade Avenue
Hood River OR 97031
Phone 541-387-8877

Show Juror: Colleen Schafroth, Director of the Maryhill Museum

Mitch Baird
Celeste Bergin
Janet Bland
Eric Bowman
Donna Clark
Gregg Caudell
Emily Dyches
Mary Lou Epperson
Peter F. Fox
Terrence Gasca
Scott Gellatly
Joe Howard
Eric Jacobsen
Carol Jacquet
Mike Kowalski
Don Lonsborough
David McNeill
Michael Orwick
Dennis W. Porter
Mike Rangner
Cathleen Rehfeld
Charlene Rivers
Todd Smith
Susan Sutherland
Dave Taylor
Donna Van Tuyl
Beth Verheyden
Eric Voigt
Karen Watson
Bonnie White

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our 4th Annual Group Show at the Kingstad Gallery!

Click Image to Enlarge

Join us next week (on September 10, Wednesday) at the Kingstad Gallery for the UNVEILING of our new work from 2008...(the official Artist's reception will be "Last Tuesday", September 30..come out and see how all the new work looks in the gallery beforehand)! The exhibit combines plein air painting (paintings done outdoors in real time on-site) with studio paintings of the "inner landscape". Globally renown premier artist Kitty Wallis, (inventor of Wallis sanded paper and founder of Portland Open Studio) is a Portland Plein Air & Studio Painter member. She, along with 19 other group members (including me!) have been juried into the show. As an added bonus there are five world-class guest artists (Mitch Baird, Eric Bowman, Scott Gellaty, Eric Jacobsen and Cathleen Rehfeld) in a special section of the gallery.

Kathy Delumpa Allegri, Celeste Bergin, Brenda Boylan, Jonathan Farley, Kathy Fisher, Carrie Holst, Amanda Houston, Kimberly Kent, Bev Drew Kindley, Mary Luzinski, Cris Merrill, Michael Orwick, Carolyn Rondthaler, Quin Sweetman, Barbara Szkutnik, Maeona Urban, Katherine van Schoonhoven, Jack VanNess, Kitty Wallis and Vicki Zimmerman

Guest Artists: Mitch Baird, Eric Bowman, Scott Gellaty, Eric Jacobsen and Cathleen Rehfeld

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Visited... by a crow

I have to tell you all about the crow that landed on my car right as I arrived at O'Connor's for my art meeting yesterday. It swooped down just as I got out of my car, landed right next to me on the roof of my car --thunk!--and acted like it knew me! It "cawed" at a very friendly way. A couple of people from the "Fat City" Restaurant saw the whole thing and a woman from the restaurant tossed a piece of bread out for my visitor.
The crow ate it...on my car. I wondered......was the crow..........someone I knew from another realm? It was so friendly. I love crows, by the way. I know that there are some people who think of crows as bad omens..but I think the opposite!
I felt very blessed by that event. I told mister crow, "just a minute, I have to take a photo of you for my blog". That's no zoom lens..he just stood there and seemed to be pleased that I appreciated him.