Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our 4th Annual Group Show at the Kingstad Gallery!

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Join us next week (on September 10, Wednesday) at the Kingstad Gallery for the UNVEILING of our new work from 2008...(the official Artist's reception will be "Last Tuesday", September 30..come out and see how all the new work looks in the gallery beforehand)! The exhibit combines plein air painting (paintings done outdoors in real time on-site) with studio paintings of the "inner landscape". Globally renown premier artist Kitty Wallis, (inventor of Wallis sanded paper and founder of Portland Open Studio) is a Portland Plein Air & Studio Painter member. She, along with 19 other group members (including me!) have been juried into the show. As an added bonus there are five world-class guest artists (Mitch Baird, Eric Bowman, Scott Gellaty, Eric Jacobsen and Cathleen Rehfeld) in a special section of the gallery.

Kathy Delumpa Allegri, Celeste Bergin, Brenda Boylan, Jonathan Farley, Kathy Fisher, Carrie Holst, Amanda Houston, Kimberly Kent, Bev Drew Kindley, Mary Luzinski, Cris Merrill, Michael Orwick, Carolyn Rondthaler, Quin Sweetman, Barbara Szkutnik, Maeona Urban, Katherine van Schoonhoven, Jack VanNess, Kitty Wallis and Vicki Zimmerman

Guest Artists: Mitch Baird, Eric Bowman, Scott Gellaty, Eric Jacobsen and Cathleen Rehfeld

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