Monday, September 8, 2008

ribbons.....more ribbons

Yesterday I was the juror for the Oregon Society of Artist's Fall Show. A television crew was there and did an interview with me about what jurors look for. (I hope someone will let us know how we can see it). OSA Member Carrie Holst and John Reece (President of OSA) were also interviewed. The show was full of rich, interesting work. It was not easy to select the ribbon winners from so many good choices. Here is something I wrote up about how to look at a painting ..("through the eyes of the juror"). I have been on both sides of this...and I know that sometimes people don't understand what the juror was thinking. I told the assembled artists at the awards ceremony that entering competitions is good for the artist, but to remember that one painting that doesn't get into one show... can win a prize in another..!
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