Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Visited... by a crow

I have to tell you all about the crow that landed on my car right as I arrived at O'Connor's for my art meeting yesterday. It swooped down just as I got out of my car, landed right next to me on the roof of my car --thunk!--and acted like it knew me! It "cawed" at a very friendly way. A couple of people from the "Fat City" Restaurant saw the whole thing and a woman from the restaurant tossed a piece of bread out for my visitor.
The crow ate it...on my car. I wondered......was the crow..........someone I knew from another realm? It was so friendly. I love crows, by the way. I know that there are some people who think of crows as bad omens..but I think the opposite!
I felt very blessed by that event. I told mister crow, "just a minute, I have to take a photo of you for my blog". That's no zoom lens..he just stood there and seemed to be pleased that I appreciated him.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I'm with you Celeste. I love Crows also. I sincerely love to hear them cawing in a group. (We call it a crow convention). I also paint with another friend who loves them. I agree, your crow visit was a good thing. Lucky you.

Carrie said...

Aren't crows one of those birds that mate for life? I guess if one crow is good, two would be the bomb! :)