Sunday, September 21, 2008

The winter portrait project

Our art group is doing a portrait project. Each twosome was assigned randomly, by a drawing. As a pair we have to come up with portraits of one another. I am lucky I got who I got..she has an interesting face...she seems a good subject. I feel a bit sorry for HER, however..she is stuck with me. She and I have to find time to get together and do sittings for one another. We are allowed to use photography if we want, but inasmuchas we are an alla prima group I am thinking I will probably want to do a portrait of her from life.
As part of the project we also have to do our our own self portrait..(in addition to the partner portrait). Today I finally cleaned up my studio and set up a self portrait station. I got my newsprint paper and vine charcoal out to draw a practice version of me. I was wearing my Walgreens readers. I usually wear contacts and I also had nice glasses, but I lost them so now I just wear whatever is at hand without concern for if the frames flatter me (these don't!). Well..... this seems an improvement over the last self portrait painting that I did. The best part was listening to the rain while I worked on this. Next time I will set up some strong directional light.

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