Sunday, December 7, 2008

This is my big sketchbook. Have you joined the sketchbook revolution? Having a sketchbook is a way to feel like you are still doodling in class. In about 8th grade I was doodling in a class that was taking place in an auditorium. Social Science, I think. I felt I was safe in doing so as it was a somewhat darkened room. Unfortunately, however, I was in the front row (my last name generally put me there). The teacher came over and hit my paper and notebook (that was in my lap) with his giant microphone! Thwack---reverb----reverb-----reverb. er. okay. no. doodling. got that.


bullwinkle said...

Shame on you- doodling in your social science class. I usually doodled in algebra. Might be why it took two years to make it through a one year class. Never got caught.

Celeste Bergin said...

ha ha...!!