Saturday, December 6, 2008

My teacher, Robert Selby

Today I went to Robert and Miriam Selby's art reception in Keizer at the Art Association. Robert was my graphic design teacher a long time ago. I also worked for Robert during the 80's at his design company, Selby/Martin. He was a fabulous mentor and I still remember the important design concepts he taught me. Now Robert is fusing glass and his wife Miriam does collage. I had a great time at their reception and I bought a beautiful little glass treasure with a bright transparent red stripe through it's center. I think it is meant to hold something ..but I sure love how it looks in the upright position. I think I will find a way to display it in the same way.


Bill Sharp said...

When I was landscaping, Bob did my business card and stationary, (or maybe you did it). Small world.

He's a very nice man, I'm glad to know he's doing well.

Celeste Bergin said...

Hey Bill! Was your company something called urban or city something? I remember the design if it was..a beautiful logo. Selby's logos were first rate! I was lucky to learn from him. Thanks for commenting..I will pass along your blog address to Robert.