Monday, January 19, 2009

....I'm signed up for Elio Camacho's workshop...!

Elio Camacho will be back in Portland February 9 - 13 for his winter still life workshop. Mike Orwick has the highest praise for Camacho...Mike has sold many paintings after Elio's workshop during the summer. I missed that workshop so I am grateful for another opportunity and it is so great that he is here during the winter.
I am sometimes asked how I improve from one year to the next. Well...THIS is how..I sign up with good instructors!
Elio Camacho workshop
(At the spacious and familiar Kingstad Center)
Camacho was a student of master impressionist Ovanes Berberian, he is also recognized as a contemporary master in his own right. I'm not nuts about that floral that he has put up as an example...but trust me..he is a genius.
Maybe I will see you there!?

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