Monday, March 23, 2009

Day One..Elio Camacho still life workshop

It was a rainy day today..but that didn't matter to those of us at Elio Camacho's still life workshop at the Kingstad Center. Elio began by doing a demonstration and then, in short order, we were turned loose to do our own version of a still life of some daffodils in a black vase. It was a challenge for those of us who were using colors we have never had on our palettes before. I used the Classic Artist oil paint for the first time too..and I was pleasantly surprised. Reasonably priced and the colors are rich and luminous. Elio didn't want us to use any medium and also not to wash-in in with mineral spirits. He does all that he can to keep the colors pure and bright. Mineral spirits or turpentine breaks down the paint and  to this he says ixnay!  
I had erred by not having pre-toned my canvas panels with a medium gray (as instructed in the materials list), why didn't I see that? Well,  when I got home I knocked some out...but now I am fretting that they might be too dark. Geez. I will look at them again in the morning. I have never pre-toned my panels before! Most everything in this workshop seems foreign to me..but that's good, right? It is very desirable (according to Elio)  to "get out of that comfort zone". Day one is under my belt..and I am looking forward to Tuesday.

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