Friday, March 27, 2009

Last still life ...Oranges on a platter

My Jullian easel nearly fell over again today twice. I liked being able to paint bigger (this is 14 x 18) but geez louise that "nearly falling over thing" can make a person jumpy. Remind me to put a wrench in my backpack. I had a battle with this oval platter..Elio said I seem to have trouble "reading" shapes in the plates and bowls...I got higher marks for using squared up marks in preparation for the painting.. also, he felt I made a big improvement with the maroonish vase. At the beginning of the week I painted that vase very flatly without enough consideration for the reflected lights. Hooray for me, I also finally absorbed and accepted that it should not be painted in a near-black color. 
Elio said that many times our paintings suffer from values that are all too close together. It is a very common "ailment". He recommended that we look at our problematic painting through a red piece of transparent plastic to determine if we see darks and lights. No matter what you are trying to express... a painting will be pretty darn dull if all you see through the plastic is medium gray-gray-gray with no darks or lights. Here is my painting changed to grayscale in photoshop. I managed to enlist some adequate lights and darks...although I am aware that it could have been better...I know I can practice this and improve.


pigmentz said...

Hey Celeste, I did not realize you had this blog going. I'm glad you pointed to it on your post on facebook. (this may answer a part of one of your recent questions?)I was curious how the workshop with Elio was going as I am signed up for a week still life workshop in June here in California myself. And here is where the daily diary is! I read every word. I have been going plein air painting ongoing with Elio here in the bay area. I have only been to 5 paint days so far, but plan to sign up for 10 more for now. I have learned something major each day regardless of how my painting turned out. Thanks so much for sharing the experience,the photos, and your insights! It is so true, the more I learn, the more challenged I have become! happy Painting! Suzanne Johnson

Celeste Bergin said...

thanks, Suzanne for having a look at my results and for commenting. I will check out your blog and have a look at your Elio workshop results too! Thanks again..Happy Painting to you too. :)

pigmentz said...

I don't have a blog. Maybe someday?
But I enjoy reading other's... I will be interested to hear how the workshop affects your next paintings. I am looking at color, temperature, and value differently
now... yes and chroma. Your paintings look so colorful during the workshop. Great work! Thanks for sharing your endeavors.