Friday, March 27, 2009

"The trouble with these lemons"..end of workshop critique

At the very end of our still life workshop Elio gave us the opportunity to submit paintings for critique. Some participants brought work that was painted previously and others just presented the workshop paintings to review. This was a real bonus as it helped to reinforce all the things we had learned during the week. Elio says..."the more you learn about painting....the more you may feel dissatisfied with your work...but don't think of this as a negative," he goes on to say, "it only means that you are not willing to become complacent".
Well, right on Elio. You know, I read things over the internet for about a year about Elio and what a great teacher he is. I confess to having been just a little skeptical. I realize now all that lauding is for real and at the risk of sounding a bit gush-y myself, I can not agree more... Elio completely ROCKS. He knows how to impart knowledge and obviously loves visual art and gives 110%. My awareness went up one complete big notch. I'll be signing up for his July Gorge Plein Air workshop. Elio is an outstanding artist AND an equally talented teacher. 

(Phoebe Dylan painting)

(Workshop paintings for final review)


bullwinkle said...

Looks like you had a productive workshop. Keep up the good work.

n. rhodes harper said...

Wow he got a lot of good work out of you guys! I am so proud of my pretend adopted artist son! I will see him in 3 weeks! This will be my4th Elio workshop and he was so kind to paint with me for an extra week by ourselves. So be jealous! He is a wonderful teacher and friend. I learn something new everytime.