Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are you in an art discussion group?

Nearly every week I meet with fellow artists in Multnomah Village for the express purpose of discussing art. In five years we have never once run out of things to discuss. Today Michael Fisher came and brought some color charts that he painted recently in order to work out some issues he has been having with underpaintings for his pastels. Carolyn Rondthaler brought in a Mr. Clean magic sponge that lifts watercolor pigment safely off a painting (that was interesting!). We talked for quite awhile about grays and neutrals and how important it is to know how to paint them. The art discussion sometimes sparks new ideas for me that I might not otherwise have had. On days that the weather is good...I definitely want to use my time wisely and go outside to paint...but on rainy days like today...the art discussion group is fabu.
Do you have a group? Do you see the value in "art discussion"...or are you solitary in your artistic pursuits?


Martha Marshall said...

This is such a wonderful thing to do, and I too recommend it for all artists!

Our group meets once a month, all morning on a Friday, and has been meeting for ten years. We keep it small (6 or so) because it takes a long time to go through all the topics and give everyone a turn.

The web is great but we still need that personal connection too.

L.Holm said...

What fun, and how great to have a group like that! I used to belong to a discussion group that met every sunday, and LOVED it. we talked about everything, and would bring our work in to share. Now I'm in a studio group. Painting comes first, but I love the times we stop and discuss issues. I don't do well in creating in a vaccuum.
You're lucky to have this group of people, and for so long. excellent, Celeste!