Friday, May 22, 2009

FareWell, Kingstad (final reception, May 21, 2009)

The economic recession has claimed another casualty with the closing of the Kingstad Gallery. What a wonderful job Kingstad did... championing visual art (and theater arts) in a beautiful facility that everyone involved was very proud of.  There is still hope that owner Eric Kingstad and curator Lora Fisher will continue to participate in the arts in some capacity in the future. Certainly those of us who had the privilege of working with them would be honored to do so again. The best to Kingstad Gallery. I loved showing my work with you!


Jill Berry said...

Sorry to see this gallery closing.
Nice to see you back over in my neighborhood.
Take Care

L.Holm said...

That is so sad, Celeste. It's happening all over. It looks like it was a fantastic gallery.

Domonyi Károly said...


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B Boylan said...

Hey Gurlfriend!
I stopped by the Kingstad prior the closing and spoke with Eric on the closure. It is a sad reality. This shining spot in the Beaverton area will be sorely missed. Hoping to find the same energy at another venue...someday. Wished I could have made the party!

Susan GT said...

I couldn't agree more...a classy place with heart...what more can an artist ask for?

So glad to meet you through this exhibit, here's hoping for the future!