Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's life painting session

I hesitate to tell you that I struggled today, but it is what it is. My contact lenses bothered me, I ran out of white and had to resort to a tube of Permabla (that blue-ish white paint...some people just love that stuff..I find it odd--I don't even know why I had it with me). I painted her hand four times and rubbed it out four times. In the end I did a quick sketch of her because I so thoroughly enjoyed her look. I worried some that the scratch-y sound of my vine charcoal might annoy my painting compatriots. scratch-scratch-scratch. You know, after uploading painting #2 it almost appears like her hand is in shoved in a pocket....it nearly works. Note to self: get the hand in correctly at the beginning.


L.Holm said...

LOL! Have so 'been there" in live studio sessions. Inevitably, I leave something crucial home (like my brushes). Permalba (at least the tube I have) also seems creamier than regular Titanium or Flake. Or maybe my tube is too old.
I think your figure study is great. And I LOVE the charcoal sketch. I'm sure your painting fellows were too focused on trying to paint her hand to notice the scratching sound. :-)

Celeste Bergin said...

Lol...Liz, you are right about everyone wanting to get that hand right..! it was important. Thanks for the compliment on the sketch. I agree, the sketch is the best of all three efforts. :) Thank you for visiting!

Jesse McCormick said...

Saw a painting instructor on TV, Heiner something, and he was saying that even the olde masters sometimes couldn't get hands right. He said people can easily tell if they aren't right. Anyhow the solution is often to invent a way to hide them, like a pocket or gloves, I guess. Nice work Celeste.

r garriott said...

Very nice! Thanks for showing the set. Your model has an intriguing and elegant profile.

I often forget something in these studio session, too.. so frustrating! Or worse, yet, the thinner jar isn't screwed on tight enugh and I get there with a dripping paint box and no thinner... augh!