Saturday, May 2, 2009

Visiting..The Gorge Artists Open Studios (SCROLL DOWN)

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My first stop of the Gorge Artists Open Studios was a fantastic place called Art Farm. Doug Byers, A photographer, had his photography displayed in the barn right alongside with some goats. Byers confided in me that it was a risky move, because goats are known to eat anything, you know, like tin cans. So it is not beyond reason that he could return to the barn later today to find his photo "gone".  Let's hope someone bought it in time!
In another section of Art Farm I found artist John Haugse in his studio. I glanced at the Curriculum Vitae posted on the wall and saw that he has taught at Harvard and was a student himself of Richard Diebenkorn. Well geezz..not too bad! He has the goods to go along with this pedigree too...  first rate! Haugse is an artist who regards graphite drawing as important as painting. Wow. Old School. I was totally impressed.
The next studio I visited was Cathleen Rehfeld's. I bought a plein air painting from now I am one of her collectors. (She was on the front page of the Hood River News today too..although I didn't get to read the article, I am betting it was about her commitment to painting from life on a daily basis).   
I went to White Salmon where Todd Smith is having a show of his plein air landscapes at leRoz Gallery. He wasn't on the Open Studios roster per this visit was a "bonus". Todd is a well known Hood River artist equally at home painting figures and landscape. Great work in a very nice gallery. Congratulations, Todd!
In Mosier I visited Peny Wallace..I remember seeing Peny on PBS/Oregon Art Beat and that whole life cast thing just intrigues me. I bought one of her pieces and felt so lucky to get it.  I understand there are in the area of 40 artists to be visited in the Gorge this weekend.  I only saw a handful of them, but the ones I chose to visit were well worth the trip....All in all a fantastic art-filled day!


L.Holm said...

What a wonderful art tour with some very talented artists. wow! Very brave to hang his photos with the and can you imagine studying with Deibenkorn? that is impressive.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

This just sounds great. And what fun too. Thanks for sharing.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

You bought stuff? Are you going to post it on your blog? I want to see!

Celeste Bergin said...

Katherine...see the photo with the life casts? I bought the one of the face with the hands on either side of the face. Also I bought a Cathleen Rehfeld plein air ...I would post it but last time I posted another artists work in my blog I got comments as if it was my piece instead of the other artists. I will photograph it and send it to you via email! :)