Saturday, May 9, 2009

Workshop with Eric Jacobsen

Today I took a one-day workshop with Eric Jacobsen. We met at Rasmussen Farms in Hood River at 10 am. Eric painted a demonstration and then we were asked if there was anything specific that we wanted to work on. I determined that I wanted to concentrate on atmosphere and distance. Eric instructed us to do "starts" instead of finished paintings, putting an emphasis on simple shapes. What I like so much about Eric is how much time he gives each participant. He is generous! He finds out what you want to learn specifically and tailors the lesson to you. I did four starts to explore those far away hills. We had a good conversation about "suggestion" in painting. It was a perfect day for painting outside ..and best of all I believe I got what he told me about softening edges and using a variety of strokes.


L.Holm said...

Beautiful, Celeste! You got all of the essentials of the scene with these. what a great day painting!

Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Celeste,
tank you very much for sharing the info about your workshop. it seems you had a very productive time. Certenly you did a lot of starts. The colors of those far away hill are blanding into the horizon nicely. It's always a positive experience to meet new teacher's and fellow artist, just make sure your own "Persona" does not disappear with them!