Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Business-y things that artists should do

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Our group, PPASP, put together a nice notebook with biographies and statements for our current show at the Doll Gardner Gallery. The curator also asked us for a color sample sheet of our individual work. This is easy to do if you have Photoshop with the "Contact Sheet" feature.
I often get a lot of compliments for the business-y things I produce, but I am aware that I could do so much more! Business things for the artist is similar to what is called "housekeeping matters" for attorneys in courtrooms. You can bet that lawyers would rather spend their time on the more interesting aspects of the trial...instead of the more mundane tasks. No one WANTS to attend to the dull matters..but if you don't you are likely to lose the case! (I love analogies). 
Do you hate the business aspect of your (art) job...or are you making peace with it?


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Celeste,

I don't really mind most of the business part of my art. I'm learning more about marketing my work (through Facebook, Twitter, my blog, LinkedIn and other art avenues).

Another painter, whose blog I follow is R Garriott and he has given some great insight too on developing the right business cards and post cards to quickly convey the style of your work.

I guess I try to make it fun for me and my target audience.

Celeste Bergin said...

thanks for reminding me about R Garriott--I remember how informative his blog is. You do a very good job of business things it would appear! I think some artists so thoroughly hate it that they set themselves up! Keep up the great work. I always like checking to see your new entries.

B Boylan said...

This is a feature I didn't know Photoshop had! Thanks for sharing this tidbit of info. There is always stuff to do to promote. It's the little things that set you apart Celeste.

r garriott said...

Celeste, Great advice (I like your contact sheet, too). I'm glad your write on business matters, because they do (matter, that is).

I accept and enjoy the business end of my art job, and try to stay a few steps ahead of it, by having sample books, pricelists, etc. ready to print off at a moments notice. Actually doing these things can help an artist 'feel' more like a business person, too.