Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mitch Baird Demonstration--(Day one)

(Plein air demonstration by Mitch Baird, Sauvie Island)

I got to stand right next to Mitch Baird for the entire time that it took to paint this...I can't explain how valuable an experience like this is. It was cold out and this went long through the lunch hour, but no one minded! It is magic to see it all come together and what a privilege to hear exactly what he is doing and why.... step by step. I took good notes and lots of photos. You can bet I am going to refer to it all again. Not to overstate it, but holy cow--! One thing he stressed is that the landscape is much grayer than we see it--and sure enough when I painted my version of this scene (a little farther down the road) I did not gray things back nearly as much as he did. I am going to work on the graying things accurately thing--it certainly makes for a beautiful painting.

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