Monday, July 13, 2009

Elio Camacho workshop Day One, Rooster Rock

Starting at 9am we watched Elio paint a large painting. He talked throughout and answered questions. He spent a lot of time reminding us about the importance of color temperature, but most of all how we must continually look for the relationships between everything. What is this compared to that? What is that--in relationship to this? Elio is known for his clean, fearless interesting color and dynamic brushwork. Watching him knock his demonstration painting out was entertaining and helpful. I love how he uses so much paint and the brushwork "radiates" from the most interesting part of the painting. He is very deliberate about that radiation-thing and it really works. After we watched him we did our own paintings. The time really flew! I did four small paintings that all looked very much the same. Elio thought I did alright--but he recommended that I work on more variety in brushwork. I have that tendency to use a similar stroke throughout the whole painting. Tomorrow I will definitely try to mix it up more. I feel really fortunate to get to take this workshop. Check out this great new article in Southwest Art Magazine about Elio Camacho.


Karen said...

Your painting looks great! I love the near mountain's edge! I look forward to hearing more about the workshop, thanks for posting about it.

pacafi said...

Really nice painting!