Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Elio Camacho workshop Day Three, back to Rooster Rock Park

Because it was going to be a blistering hot day it was decided that we would return to Rooster Rock so that we could have lots of shade. We assembled on one of the frisbee golf holes. This decision caused two frisbee golfers to ask: "Hey! Who is in charge?" Jan directed them to Elio. I was out of earshot, but I imagine Elio handled it diplomatically. In the morning session Elio answered specific painting questions and we were sent off to consider the dappled light. I wanted to be sure to put down much more paint than usual, but doing so presented new challenges for me. Elio mentioned that impasto medium might be a route we could take...just to experience painting thickly (without the expense of wasting paint). I'll try it!
At noon Elio did a demonstration, painting some tree trunks in the shade. He painted it onto a dark surface (a panel he had used earlier in his question/answer discussion). It looked like a so-so painting for the longest time and then...BLAM! all of a sudden it looked exactly right. Later Elio reminded me to slow down--he said: "When I am doing a demonstration it may appear that I am painting fast when in reality I am very much taking my time." What he is expressing is that we need to make definite decisions about the work, before we start and as it progresses. All the elements of the painting have to be mentally handled at the same time, with regard to tone, composition, shape, form and color. It is so much to do, but if you lose your concentration..if your mind wanders (off the painting)'re sunk.
(My painting):


Edda Meinikat said...

Love your new painting, and your virtually taking me along to that workshop. Amazing - and wonderful to know that you are having a great time.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

You've captured the dappled light on the hillside under the tree. Beautiful!

Does this painting have more paint or impasto? Hard to tell from the photo!

Did you say you have frugal Scot blood in your veins?!

Pam Holnback said...

Celeste, you got the dappled light. Sounds like a great workshop; I'm ready for a plein-aire w.s. soon!