Wednesday, July 8, 2009

George.....Living the Artist's Life

What artist hasn't dreamt of chucking convention and living where there are few distractions--so that they may paint sun up to sun down and concentrate soley on their art? That is just what my artist friend and "former" gallery owner George Broderick is doing. I caught up with him today at his house in Rainer. What a cool place! Holes in the walls and the smell of oil paint in the air. George is talking about having a get together at his house for all his artist friends. It is an hour drive from Portland. I hope he does that so you can all see his place first hand! Check the view from his that interesting or what? He has incorporated a ship into his newest painting. I can't post it publicly, because it isn't done yet. I try to get George interested in blogging..but he is too busy. He tells me that he peruses art books every day and that he never turns on the television. You really can't get more arty than that.


Brenda Boylan said...

That is "so George"...wonder if he'll ever see this post about this artists' life. I often dream of going off to just paint my life away...discussing art all day long with other artists, then to find myself covered with pastel dust, or oil. Ahhh, the life!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Very cool Celeste. And I'm tickled that you posted a picture of the front door with the colorful glass surround! What a great life George must have...I'm chasing that dream.

Marie Wise said...

George sounds like a fascinating artist. I checked out the view from his deck and I believe he looks directly across the Columbia River at Longview Fibre. I'm familiar with the area, particularly the Port of Longview and the ship traffic. We live just minutes from there. I'd love to meet George, sounds like he's living the life of artistic fulfillment !