Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a good art filled day!

The day began at O'Connor's with the PPASP weekly art discussion/breakfast meeting. Eileen showed her print that was made with a burnt-lacquered plate. She explained that this process is not done anymore...and that she only made 5 prints of "Winter Pony". Whatever the burnt lacquer process is about--the results were outstanding.
After our meeting Suzanne McKay and I went to Mt. Tabor park..to be part of the week-long organized paint out (for the Mt. Tabor Centennial celebration). We were visited by a slew of youngsters who were interested in seeing our paintings. I painted this big tree trunk on a 5 x 7 panel. Finally, I learned for sure today that I sold seven oil paintings during my month-long show at the Gorge White House! Seven! Hooray!! People are still buying art! (Thank you, buyers...!)

1. Eileen & Ellen at breakfast meeting
2. Suzanne McKay talks art with youngsters
3. My tree trunk painting oil on 5x7 canvas panel


Ann Buckner said...

*Clap* *Clap* Great news on the sales and looks like you are having a very enjoyable time with the plein air work. Love the palette you used in your tree painting.

bullwinkle said...

I agree. Wonderful colors in the tree painting and capturing of the light.