Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to create a blog with Blogger

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am going to get together with some of my artist friends to show them how easy it it to begin blogging with Blogger. There will be a couple of us there at the meeting who have blogged for awhile so the idea is to demystify the set up. I've put this nice Blogger-Help video up so the attendees can find it quickly if they want to follow these steps later (after the meeting).
It's comical that some of my art pals think I am so tech-savvy. There are several blogging areas where I simply shrug. Feedburner is pretty confusing (though I managed to add it correctly, I think). I got started once with Google Analytics...only to learn that I did not put the code in the right place. (Alas), I can't see statistics. OH WELL. I will save that project for a very rainy day. Meanwhile, it's enough right now to be able to encourage my artists friends to throw their hat into the blogosphere. They will be surprised by how easy it is. Blogging is a perfect place to share your art and your news.... (don't you agree?)!


Caio Fern said...

one more artist on blogspot !! let 's make him feel very welcome !!
and Celest , you could try flickr too . it is exellent for to exhibit you gallery of works and people there are very social too . easy to find lots of artists ...
with you want to have an idea ( if you still don't know it ) check mine .
maybe you get inspired to go there and make yours . i would love it .
you can check the groups i belong and make part too , and start by then .
see you .
and thanks for bringing one more artist to us !! ahahhh!! more is beeter !!
lets forget the less is more .

Celeste Bergin said...

Thanks, Caio! I do have a Flick'r account--and I will take your advice and use it (more effectively). Thanks!

Marie Wise said...

What a great idea! I think blogging is so much fun. In fact, I've made more gallery contacts and met more artists as a resulting of blogging, Facebook and Twittering than I ever did face-to-face. It's even yielded some sales for me! So I'm a fan of blogging! Take care!